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April 18, 2008

RIAA sues homeless man

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In yet another disgustingly low legal action this year, the RIAA has marshalled their lawyers to sue a homeless man in New York.

Apparently not content with suing little girls, computer-less (and deceased) elderly folks and innocent moms for allegedly sharing music files on the internet, the Recording Industry Ass. of America is now pursuing innocent homeless people. Despite the obvious fact that  the man didn't own a computer, the RIAA went ahead with proceedings. The judge in this case believed the lawyers were merely "sloppy" and shouldn't be penalized for this grossly indecent act of harrassment.

One might expect that officers of the court (ie, the lawyers) should be held to a higher standard than that of ordinary people, given their professional status, and given that their victims are generally less able to defend themselves than the average citizen.

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